WR0091 (Wireless Recorder 0091)

WR0091 (Wireless Recorder 0091) WR0091, or Wireless Recorder 0091, is our state-of-the-art product for all your recording needs. Its built around the needs of a recording facility. This software makes your life wire-free. You can download it now and start recording within 2 minutes. It uses the default sound card of your laptop or desktop PC. It has three recording facilities viz. Mobile Phone Recording, Room Recording and Inline Recording.

Mobile Phone Recording is a feature which you will find only in WR0091. It transfers the file from your mobile to the laptop/desktop PC. Currently it supports all Symbian S60 phones with Bluetooth and Memory Card support (Nokia E5, E63, E71, 5230, C6, N8, N900, etc.). You can install any call recorder (for best experience please install Total Recall 4) on your mobile device and configure it to record all calls and save them to your memory card. Turn the bluetooth ON of your mobile and laptop/PC (if bluetooth is not available on system, please install an USB Bluetooth Dongle with Microsoft Stack Support easily available in the market). From your mobile set the system as authorized and it will seamlessly transfer all recording via Bluetooth to your system.

Room Recording is the continuous recording facility. It records all the conversations in the room where the laptop/PC has been placed. From settings you can enable/disable it at start up. You have option to save files automatically after 'x' minutes, as you may wish to save files after 1, 2, 30, 60, or 120 minutes as continuous recording will create big files and it takes time when finally the recording is saved if the system is ON for say 5-10 hours. Moreover, it makes searching difficult.

Inline Recording is the facility to record sound activated recording. You can plug-in the wire to the microphone jack. Suppose you plug-in the wire of MP3 player or landline phone, it will record when the song is played or you recieve a call. Thus only that portion is saved which has input sound.

You can search all your recording according to date and type. You can backup your files and/or delete them, if unnecessary. Please share your experiences with us and fell free to request features or enhancements from our contact us page and we will be happy to add them in our next versions.

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